Task Aviator – A Flawless Project Management System

Monday, November 26th, 2018

A project is comprised of series of activities and events. It involves various human-resources assigned for different tasks and assignments. All stakeholders be it project managers, clients, team members and vendors are involved in a project. A project manager (PM) – who is the captain of the ship – requires having a complete detail of the activities and actions happening in the project. Details concerning to individual status, contacts, groups, critical bugs, defects in the project(s) available at finger tips. Here, implementing a project/product management system (PMS) becomes mandatory for making the project a success.

The perfectly designed
best project management software solutions offers work simplification and user satisfaction. The interactive layout that provides graphical presentation assists users in reading and analyzing data effortlessly. The graph is also available in pie charts to assist managers in fetching complete resource utilization details accordingly. Furthermore, there are graphs accessible on the Dash Board showing all bugs according to their criticality and progress.

Some of the key features of Task Aviator

  • It keeps team members and associates up-to-date by creating notices with title and descriptions to remember.
  • It has visual storyboard that includes details about the tasks, members, bugs, and updates ongoing activities and status.
  • This project/product management software system allows activities to divide and subdivide into phases and tasks.
  • Users can easily attach documents, pictures, videos, remove members, and invite clients to join a group.
  • It is equipped with features like time sheet, bugtracker, estimate, report, calendar, expense, invoice, contacts, etc.
  • There are several important features and solutions provided in the respective management system. Furthermore, the mobile application of Task Aviator assists clients in staying updated with the projects and its related activities. Companies or clients can check the status of their projects at anytime from anywhere.

    This cloud-based project management software is designed after several years of research and data analysis. Task Aviator is one stop management system for handling all kinds of projects flawlessly and instantly.

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