Task Aviator – An Ultimate Project Management Software Solution

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Task Aviator – An Ultimate Project Management Software Solution

Task Aviator is a project management tool that assists in managing all projects and intricacies. It facilitates project managers and stakeholders to view their projects’ status, performances and related reports. This is a centralized project management system. Clients across the globe can download the mobile version of Task Aviator available at Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Task Aviator (TA) is a fully-developed project management system enabling project managers to control, manage, calculate, schedule and offer analytical solutions to the team members.

It is one of the magnificent project management software solutions available for all industry verticals.

Task Aviator offers the following features to its clients:

  • Adaptive Battery

Adaptive battery feature ensures that applications that are needed by the users can only consume the battery. This increases the power-back of the battery in-between the charges.

  • Dashboard

Smartphone users having Android 9 Pie loaded are admiring the adaptive brightness feature. Derived from app’s consumption (adaptive battery), AI adjusts brightness of screen according to the users’ preferences and environment.

  • App Slices

Managers can take a quick glance on all running projects, recent activities, and individual status. A graphical presentation is also available for better analysis.

  • Notice board

Users can add/remove, mention title, status and descriptions about an individual or project. It comes with the facility to broadcast information across the Dash Board.

  • Contact Management

Users can store all organizational contacts at one place. It facilitate in adding and sharing contacts with clients, team members and other users. It also store social media information.

  • Group Management

Project managers can define group, add members, invite clients, and text users.

  • Time Sheet

It helps in adding and tracking individual tasks, files, etc. Time Sheet is comprised with several advanced features.

  • Calendar

This utility displays information about multiple project overlays, events, tasks and their defined timelines. It also provides yearly, monthly, weekly or day wise view to the users.

  • Bug Tracker

It provides easy tracking of all bugs’ reports. The reports comprise of project name, starting date, ending date, assignee name, etc. Managers can send email notification about new bugs to the users.

Task Aviator is comprised of several enhanced features. The advanced features include Invoices, Estimate Management, White Board, Reports, Settings, etc. To know more about this magnificent project/product management tool, users can go-through the tutorials available on the website and YouTube.

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