Task Aviator – Never Lose a Detail Again!

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Task Aviator – Never Lose a Detail Again!

Project management is a methodological approach. There are various phases included in project management that assist companies achieve their business objectives accordingly.

These phases are:

  • Planning
  • Initialization
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Closing
  • Maintenance

To complete a project within scope and timeline, each one of the phase requires a platform for proper communication, and document execution. Task Aviator is a project management tool equipped with several enhanced features. One of the incredible features that we would discuss here is ‘PROJECTS’.

Task Aviator is a project management system built to serve all industry verticals. It is equipped with advanced features and user-friendly interface. This is a magnificent project management software solution offering the highest professional standards. Implementing Task Aviator assists users in achieving their business objective on time and with cost-effective solutions.

This project management system comes with advanced features such as Dash Board, Notice Board, Contact Management, Group Management, Time Sheet, Calendar, Bug Tracker, Invoices, Estimate Management, White Board, Reports, Security, Alert/Backup and ‘Projects’.

Task Aviator is a centralized project management system (PMS). Multiple team members and users can access this PMS from any part the world. It is also available in mobile version. The mobile application is available at Apple’s Store and Google’s Play Store.

The centralized management tool provides automatic and immediate synchronization. Therefore, users find updated details about the actions, activities, timelines, and status of their projects. Every detail related to their projects is available at the touch of a finger.

Key features of the ‘Project’

  • Task Aviator is a centralized and cloud-based project management tool. The feature (Projects) allows users monitor their projects, get suggestions live and can access the details on-the-go.
  • Project managers can grant multiple levels of access authorization to the team members, contractors/subcontractors, clients and users.
  • Managers can divide or sub-divide their projects into different phases
  • Project managers can assign different activities and tasks to the team members. (Users can use White Board feature to view visual story book, and status of their projects)
  • Here, project managers or authorized users can invite team members and clients to discuss significant phases of the project.
  • This feature comes with options to show or hide details to various stakeholders.
  • It also allows adding quick attachments, documents, pictures, and videos related to the projects.
  • A detailed project status can be easily seen on the dashboard.

Besides this, project managers allocate roles and responsibilities to the users based-on their assigned work. This helps in keeping each team member stay up-to-date. Here (‘Projects’), users can add notes and reminders for themselves and for the team members.

‘Organizations’ using Task Aviator as their preferred PMS are reaping the rich benefits of project management with lots of ease and finding their efficiency has gone up multifold.

Come on be a part of the growth story of ‘Task Aviator process.’

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