How Task Aviator ‘Project Management System’ is assisting offshore clients?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Task Aviator is a project management tool that assists in optimizing projects’ time and cost along with maximizing projects’ efficiencies. This is a project management system efficiently designed to fit in all industry verticals.

In this piece of write-up, we would be discussing about the Task Aviator’s role in handling offshore software development projects.

Here is the list of top 10 challenges found in offshore software development projects:

  • Times zone difference
  • Communication
  • Speed
  • Creativity
  • Deployment of resources
  • Quality assurance
  • Increasing projects’ overheads
  • Missing deadlines
  • Increasing cost
  • Eventually – dissatisfaction

Solution to entire difficulties is to implement online project management software solutions – Task Aviator is a magnificent project management tool that helps in simplifying the complexity in the projects. It helps in controlling costs and ensures on-time delivery of the projects with quality assurance.

Why Task Aviator a better project management tool when compared to others?

This is one of the best project management software solutions available online. This project management system has been developed after years of research and analysis. Developers with extensive experience having worked on various projects and technologies have developed this proficient project management tool for the clients.

Let’s focus on the incredible features available in Task Aviator.

  • Dashboard

A console or a control panel providing projects’ details, individual status and graphical presentation of recent activities, projects’ performances, tasks and events related to all projects.

  • Notice board

A window to all information related to projects is available at a single glance.

  • Contact Management

Users can add and share contacts and groups, which is visible to clients and all the team members.

  • Group Management

Project managers can form a group for selected projects, invite clients and share text amongst group members, clients, and users.

  • Time Sheet

Users can add, and track the status of individual tasks. Also, add and store files, data, images, and documents related to projects.

  • Calendar

It comprises of information related to multiple projects, events, tasks, defined timelines, and projects’ status.

  • Bug Tracker

It provides easy tracking of all bugs and allows users to send e-mail notification when new bugs are discovered. Also, users can input project name, start date, end date, submitted by, and assigned details.

  • Invoices

It allows project managers to generate accurate billing details.

  • Estimate Management

It is a user friendly web interface to support estimate generation.

  • White board

It prevents users from missing any important assignment. Also, it is a visual storyboard for all projects showing details about tasks, users and other status of the projects.

  • Reports

Project managers, clients and users can track, download, and check all kinds of projects’ related reports here.

Task Aviator is a complete and user-friendly package with an organized easy-to-use interface, which is just a click away! Implementing Task Aviator project management software solution helps in optimizing projects’ overheads (time & cost) and delivers excellent results.

So, be the part of growth story, implement the cost-effective Task Aviator today!

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