Top 3 Problems of Project Management & Their Solutions

Friday, December 28th, 2018

A project management includes various factors such as planning, availability of resources, deadlines, budget management, communication, and safeguarding projects from potential risks. And, these factors always affect on the overall success of a project, and also scoring it below the average expectation.

Task Aviator is a well-designed and developed project/product management tool/system that simplifies projects’ complexity and exceeds clients’ satisfaction from the projects.

To explain Task Aviator proficiency; we have listed below the 3 major issues that every project manager encounter during the project management.

Information at one-place

A project requires a clear objective, direction and preparation by the project managers. A lot of paper work, several meetings, discussions, and time-management are required for a successful project’s endeavor. Missing any of the factors would offer confusion and chaos.

Solution: Task Aviator is a project/product management system equipped with a Dash Board, White Board, and Calendar.

  • Dashboard provides an immediate overview of all projects, individual status, graphs, and recent activities.
  • Calendar shows ongoing projects, tasks, and events with their defined timelines.
  • White board provides a visual storyboard for all projects
  • Documenting and time-management

A project is comprised of managers, human-resource, stakeholders, and a client. The project managers need to keep an eye on optimizing time and cost management. Managers have to analyze the project progress on daily basis. It includes calculating business requirements, fitting the team under defined boundaries, and setting realistic targets to achieve goals.

Solution: Implementing Task Aviator online project management software solutions can take care of the project deadlines and related issues. It includes impeccable planning, alternative analysis and proper communication with key decision makers of the project. Notice board and time sheet are the two incredible features available in Task Aviator.

  • Notice board helps in broadcasting the information across the dashboard. Information is available at a single glance
  • Time Sheet helps in adding and tracking individual tasks such as project status, titles, team members, milestones and more. Every user can add and store files, documents, drawings, technical support data, pictures and more in task modules.
  • Missing targets

With the expansion of projects, there are factors that manipulate a project’s target. Project managers and team members along with clients find the respective project diverting beyond the planned objectives. Scope creep is one of the issues that lead to project failure. Task Aviator is the solution that controls, manages, and keep the projects under specified boundaries.

Solution: Project managers need to determine and evaluate project cost, schedule, and quality using a systematic process. Managers need to stay firm with the planning and objectives along with meeting the newly developed requirements. Task Aviator comes with advanced features such as Bug Tracker, Estimate Management, and Reports.

  • Bug Tracker allows users to report unlimited entries/bugs/issues. The issues are reported by entering details such as Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Submitted By, and Assigned To and screenshots. It provides users with an easy tracking of all bugs reported in the system.
  • Estimate Management is an interactive and user friendly web interface. It offers user with an estimate generation feature to add or remove templates.
  • Reports- it provides information about the overdue, completed, active, and deactivated project status. It generates custom reports though flexible report building tools. The mobile version of Task Aviator can be used for tracking every update and status updated in the project.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is a software development company in India. Task Aviator is an in-house developed project management system. It assists project managers to efficiently handle projects without compromising on quality or cost.

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