Why trust Task Aviator – the online project management software solution?

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Implementing online project management system becomes mandatory to realize the project goals and performances.

By using online project management system (PMS); clients, remote users, and project managers are able to share projects’ related data instantly on their devices. Every stakeholder is able to view the project’s status, pending tasks, recent activities, ongoing work progress, critical bugs, defects in project, etc.

All these details are presented in a graphical format, and can be downloaded or print according to the requirements.

Therefore, the need for implementing high security measures becomes essential to keep the content secure from prying eyes.

Users looking for implementing the online project management software solution for the first time need to understand the importance of a secure project management system.

How to recognize a secure project management system available online?

A proficient system provides the below listed secure solutions to the users.

  • A strong platform security
  • Accessibility to the information based on designation, employee levels, and appropriate team members
  • Maintaining a complete event, transaction, and data log of the users
  • A centralized data and user management system
  • Limiting the amount of data sharing among the users
  • Forced change in the login credentials at a regular interval
  • Step2 Authentication to enhance the login security
  • A regular software update
  • A daily or regular data backup strategy
    • Though, there are several PMS available online, but the most secure and user-friendly system is the Task Aviator.

      Task Aviator is an online project/product management tool/system loaded with advanced features and security solutions.

      Is it safe to use Task Aviator online project management software solutions? Yes! This is one of the secure project management tools available online.

      Task Aviator is loaded with several advanced features mentioned below:

      • Dashboard: All series of activities and events can be monitor at a glance
      • Notice Board: Populating notice across the dashboard.
      • White Board: Monitoring and tracking all projects’ details and drill down.
      • Projects: Completing info about project efficiency.
      • Time Sheet: Real time tracking of users and tasks.
      • Bugtracker: Completing Bug life Cycle Management.
      • Expenses: Managing all expense details.
      • Invoice: Generating and sending invoices to stakeholders.
      • Estimate: Estimate generation tool.
      • Report: Graphical representation of projects performances and status on the go.
      • Contact: The place given for project related communication between teams, clients, and contractors
      • Group: Form Groups for a common goal
      • Calendar: Notifying series of activities and events.
      • Security: A powerful and impressive security system
      • Alert/Backup: Timely notification for updates/automated backup and recovery

      Implement Task Aviator, which is the secure and proficient online project management software solution for attaining projects’ goal. Task Aviator (TA) is an in-house development by Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS).

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