Research & Analysis Behind Task Aviator

Friday, February 15th, 2019

“Task Aviator is a researched-based online project management tool developed by Shriv ComMedia Solutions”

Task Aviator is a finest and the most proficient project/product management tool/system developed for all industry verticals.

Task Aviator is an in-house development of Shriv ComMedia Solutions. It took several years of research and analysis behind developing the most secure and efficient project management tool/system for the industry. There have been a plethora of thoughts and discussion carried out by the software developers during the Task Aviator development process.

This included planning, designing, constructing the model, hierarchy of deliverables, financial analysis, monitoring, controlling the activities, and other processes.

To be elaborative, the software development team worked on the factors such as-

  • Determining the project management methodology to follow the scope statement
  • Creating the product and work breakdown structures
  • Identifying the activities and their logical sequence
  • Estimating the resource requirements, time, and cost for activities
  • Developing the schedule

Every factor mentioned above required a mindboggling thought process, research, and analysis led by the software developers.

At the initial process of developing the Task Aviator, team had to confront the project processing, communication, and authority solution.

A project includes various tasks, events, and activities. Moreover, processing the overall approach to all activities required an authentication system and user-level data distribution policy. Also, the developers had to plan for a communication platform where all stakeholders can share and communicate related to the projects’ goals. Furthermore, all such processes required a line of authority, decision-makers, and implementing policies for developing user-friendly solutions in PMS.

There had been an extensive research, tremendous hard-word, and critically advanced processes carried out during Task Aviator development cycle. To describe about the pain that developers took during the development of Task Aviator in just one document is impossible.

Task Aviator is equipped with various features such as Dashboard, Notice Board, White Board, Projects, Time Sheet, Bugtracker, Expenses, Invoice, Estimate, Contact, Group, Calendar, Security, Alert/Backup, etc. Every feature that is available in Task Aviator assists project managers, team members, and clients to realize their project’s goals and performances in an easy manner.

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