Why use project management tool – Task Aviator?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

A project management system is an administrative tool used for managing and controlling all kinds of industrial or software projects. It assists project manager to perform a number of processes such as managing budget, scheduling tasks, communicating with team members, resource allocation, quality management, etc. Task Aviator is a product/project management system/tool used by project managers to realize their projects’ goal and performance.

Task Aviator helps in improving projects’ efficiencies. Project managers (PMs) can schedule tasks to the team members’ according to their capacities and projects’ priorities. PMs can set deadlines for a given task, employ resources, and generate the request for logistics requirements if any. Therefore, implementing a project management system helps in achieving projects’ goals within the given time limit.

Task Aviator is a web-based online project management software solution. It is also available in iOS and Android mobile app versions. The multiple users using a computer or a smartphone can access this system from any location round-the-clock.

This project/product management tool/system provides a centralized database system that equips stakeholders to find updated details concerning to all (running/offline) projects. Such solution eliminates the scope of miscommunication within the team members or with the clients. In addition, Task Aviator assists in providing elaborative details related to projects and their specific targets.

Task Aviator comes with advanced features that help users in getting an insight to the projects:

1. Dashboard: Monitor series of activities and events at a glance.
2. Notice Board: Notice across the dashboard.
3. White Board: Monitoring and tracking all projects’ details.
4. Projects: Info about projects’ efficiencies.
5. Time Sheet: Tracking users and tasks on real time.
6. Bugtracker: Bug life Cycle Management.
7. Expenses: Managing expenses and its details.
8. Invoice: Generating and sending invoices to stakeholders.
9. Estimate: Estimate generation tool.
10. Report: Graphical representation of projects’ performances and status.All reports are documented here.
11. Contact: The place given for project related communication.
12. Group: Form Groups for a common goal.
13. Calendar: Notifying teams members and other about the series of activities and events.
14. Security: A powerful security system
15. Alert/Backup: Timely notification for updates and automated backup and recovery.

What are the advantages of using Task Aviator?

1. It can be used for handling all kinds of industry projects.
2. Task Aviator provides a platform to the stakeholders to discuss projects’ related issues via email, chat messaging, or populating a notice on the board.
3. Also, users can check the progress, performance, and get the information about assigned tasks’ and team members.
4. Project managers can download the reports in spreadsheets, print charts, and may view the graphical presentation of projects’ performances.
5. Issues can be discovered along with their solutions to avoid any delays in running projects.

Apart from all these, Task Aviator is one of the most secure project management systems available online.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS), the software Development services in India has designed and developed this proficient project management system for its clients. Years of research and solution-oriented development work has been carried out behind developing the robust and perfect product management tool for the clients.

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