Task Aviator-Project Details on Finger Tips

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

A well planned project always has a high ratio for success. But to make it a sure success, implementing a project management system (PMS) becomes mandatory. Project management system provides accuracy, reliability, complete control, and cost-effective solutions in a project. It prepares project managers for shortcomings and their solutions.

Task Aviator online project management software solutions is a project management tool designed for all sectors of businesses. It comes with various advanced features that assist in controlling project overheads, timeline, and cost strategically. The advanced features are Dash Board, Notice Board, Contact Management, Group Management, Time Sheet, Calendar, Bug Tracker, Invoices, Estimate Management, White Board, Reports, etc.

All mentioned features are important and have their vital role to play in a project management. Here, we will be discussing about the feature “Dash Board”.

Dash Board displays a series of activities and events happening in a project. It facilitates project managers to take an immediate overview of all running projects and their status. Also, the managers can drill down to the individual status, groups, contacts, graphs, and recent activities easily. Dash Board assists stakeholders to acquire all the required details related to projects’ progress, running tasks, and upcoming assignments. The Dash Board provides an interactive layout equipping project managers to have every data on finger tip.

Task Aviator has been designed after years of research and analysis. Developers have designed this project management system to keep it easy to understand and represent the data in graphical format. In addition, developers have optimized the Task Aviator for delivering quick results. For instant, by typing the keywords such as project, task, ongoing critical bugs, defects of projects, etc., display the complete status of the projects. This online project management software solution helps project managers to plan various projects and tasks accordingly.


  • • Resource utilization
  • • Graph and pie chart to get complete details of the projects
  • • Project status at a glance
  • • Bugs graph showing all bugs

Dash Board is one of the advanced features providing various solutions in project management. As mentioned earlier, Task Aviator is loaded with several advanced features that will help in making your project management process flawless.

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