Importance of Task Aviator – The Project Management Tool/System

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Teams handling multiple projects need to document information, plot deadlines, require a constant communication with team members, share documents, etc. These processes are exercised for delivering the projects on-time within the provided budget.

Relying on human memory and believing an email recipe as a confirmed documentation – is a disaster. So, implementing Task Aviator (TA), the online project management software is the concrete solution for handling multiple projects simultaneously without making a single error/mistake.

Project management system (PMS) is an online tool that assists project managers to control and manage the multiple projects on real-time basis. Geographical distance, time zone differences, and remote teams can work together without any miscommunication, and delay. PMS provides an overview of multiple projects in the pipeline, nitty-gritty details about the daily tasks/assignments, features for managing resources, and in-depth analysis on logistics, materials and cost.

Task Aviator is one of the researched-based project/product management system/tool available online. There have been years of research and data analysis process carried out behind developing a robust and perfect project management tool for the clients. It is equipped with advanced features that assure accuracy and efficiency to realize the project goals by the project managers.

This is an in-house development of Shirv ComMedia Solutions, which is a reputed software development company in India.

What kinds of projects Task Aviator –the project management tool, can handle?

1. Construction and real-estate projects
2. Projects related to manufacturing products
3. All kinds of software projects
4. Designing website to launching website or web solutions projects
5. All academic training projects

Task Aviator (TA) is a fully-grown and developed project management tool software , and project management tool which can serve all verticals in the industry. Be it small, medium or enterprise, TA is a well-defined tool to meet all business standards and project related requirements proficiently.

Top 5 solutions provided by Task Aviator to the project managers:

1. Scheduling projects’ timeline
2. Working and preparing on critical challenges in a project
3. Resource and finance management
4. Completion of project within stipulated time and cost
5. Authentic and detailed reporting of the project

Here are the Task Aviator’s most user-friendly features and their details listed below:

Dash Board

Control panel providing graphical presentation of projects’ details, individual status, recent activities, projects’ performances, tasks and events.

Notice Board

Every project details is available at a single glance.

Contact Management

Users can add and share contacts and groups.

Group Management

Form a group for selected projects, invite clients and share text amongst members, clients, and users.

Time Sheet

Users can add data files, images, and track the status of individual tasks


It comprises of information related to multiple projects, events, tasks, defined timelines, and projects’ status.

Bug Tracker

It provides easy tracking of all bugs and allows users to send e-mail notification alerting team about new bugs.


It allows project managers to generate accurate billing details.

Estimate Management

It is a user friendly web interface to support estimate generation.

White Board

Visual storyboard for all projects, tasks, users and other status of the projects


Project managers, clients and users can track, download, and check all kinds of projects’ related reports here.

Implementing Task Aviator for managing projects can be a certificate assuring quality and on-time project delivery to the clients.

To know about Task Aviator’s importance in project management, talk to us today!

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