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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Project management is a complex, critical, and comprehensive process. To handle this process, a project manager has to be skilled, experienced, and well-prepared to meet the projects’ shortcomings.

There are authentic reports based on the reliable surveys available on the internet claiming that every third project happens to be a failure in the industry despite recruiting a talented project manager.

Challenges in project management are common. And, uprooting the issues from the projects forever ensures success for the business. Here, Task Aviator – the online project management software solutions comes in for the rescue.

A project management process involves various scopes, business objectives, clients’ requirements, budget constraints, resource management, etc., in the development cycle. To make the whole process streamline, there is a need of implementing Task Aviator in project management.

Task Aviator is a project/product management tool/system designed and developed for all business sections in the industry. This project management tool helps in clearing the projects’ roadblocks by uprooting the cause of repeated issues.

1. Undecided goals

The primary requirement in project management is to define the objectives and milestones for measuring the progress. There is need for deciding and setting up the short-term and long-term goals in the project. It has to be well-thought-of to avoid developing any unnecessary confusion and miscommunication during the projects’ cycle. This issue may lead to missing the important milestones in the project.

Role of Task Aviator (TA)

Task Aviator helps project manager to define goals adhering to terms of costs and time. The project management tool also helps project managers in tracking every corner in the project. TA helps in keeping the project on track.

2. Not enough communication

Inadequate communications among team members and managers may lead to various issues causing project failure. Lack of communication provides a disastrous impact on the team collaboration. A timely and transparent communication is the specific need that helps in eliminating all nitty-gritty issues.

Role of Task Aviator (TA)

Group Management, Contacts Management, Time-Sheet, and Calendar are some of the advanced features available in Task Aviator (TA) that helps in keeping the team members updated about the ongoing tasks in the project, and provides solutions for communicating with teams and members.

3. Misestimating Expenses

The most common is the misestimating expenses. Misestimating the cost leads to confounding complications in development lifecycle. A project includes use of various devices, software applications, human resources, consultants, and other unplanned overhead costs. Therefore, excessive expense is considered as a leading roadblock in project failure.

Role of Task Aviator (TA)

Task Aviator has a well-defined advanced feature “Estimate”. It helps in controlling, and managing the estimate of the project efficiently. As a result, the project managers can control every project wisely without compromising on the project requirements.

4. Unrealistic Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is one of the prominent issues and challenges faced by every project manager today. It is normal to have delays in achieving different milestones in a project. But, not acceptable!

Role of Task Aviator (TA)

Task Aviator helps in preventing the project from going off track. There are advanced tools available in Task Aviator (TA) such as Time Sheet, Calendar, Bug Tracker, White Board, and Reports that assist in monitoring the project from the very beginning. Also, project managers can share the progress reports with the customers to keep them in sync.

These are the critical challenges that a project suffers during the development cycle. Implementing Task Aviator not only diminishes the unwanted critical challenges syndrome but also enhances the productivity efficiently.

So, call us to setup Task Aviator now!

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