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Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Missing the project goal is the serious problem that most of the clients encounter while awarding software development project to some outsource company. Improper performance reports, misestimates, and confusing resource management are the three basis issues in offshore project management. This results in increasing the projects’ overheads, timeline and, obviously the budget. Often, a client misses the hold on their projects’ activities and finds a hindrance in outsourcing contracts.

However, the key benefits that a client attains from offshore development are earning better profits due to currency difference, getting a team of skilled developers for their project, and enjoying various cost-effective solutions. Here, implementing online project management software solutions can eliminate entire project related issues of the clients.

There are various project management systems available online. Among all, Task Aviator (TA) is considered one of the best project management solutions available for handling offshore projects flawlessly.

Task Aviator (TA) is a fully-developed project/product management system/tool that enables project managers to control, manage, calculate, schedule and offer analytical solutions to the team members and clients.

The project management tool is loaded with several advanced features that assist clients in staying updated with the activities, events, and about every milestone achieved in their projects.

A project management is a methodological approach having various phases such as planning, initialization, execution, monitoring, closing, and maintenance. Without implementing Task Aviator project management tool, these phases can develop various issues in the project making it a failure.

How Task Aviator can assist in making a project successful?

It is a centralized and cloud-based project management system (PMS). The advanced features such as Dash Board, Calendar, Notice Board, Time Sheet, Bug Tracker, Invoices, Estimate Management, Reports, and Projects can help stakeholders to monitor their projects, get suggestions live and can access the details on-the-go.

In Task Aviator, project managers have the options to divide or sub-divide the running projects into various phases for quick accessibility and completion. In addition, project managers can grant different authorization to the users for handling various activities and tasks in the project.

Furthermore, to know about on-going progress in the project; clients can download or may ask for attachments, documents, pictures, and videos related to the projects.

Task Aviator is a fully grown product management system developed for all businesses in the industry. It is one of the cost-effective project management software solutions available online that eliminates all kinds of disconnect between project managers and clients. For now, outsourcing can be considered as one of the lucrative solutions that ensure excellent delivery of work to the clients.

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